Visiting Charles B. Benenson Center and Gallery

Open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Benenson Center is closed on these holidays:

The Charles B. Benenson Center and Gallery is the public venue for information regarding the Sculpture & Architecture Park, while accommodating concerts, lectures, readings and dance recitals developed during the Art Omi residency programs. Designed by Kathleen Triem and Peter Franck of FT Architecture, it includes the spacious 1500 square foot Newmark Gallery for paintings, sculpture and video exhibitions, and is home to the adult and home to the programs of Art Omi: Education.

There is also a Café with a spacious outdoor terrace and free Wi-Fi service. The building and its parking areas are located in harmony with the gently rolling fields of the larger grounds.

In addition to its role as an arts venue, The Charles B. Benenson Center and Gallery is an environmentally progressive, 4200 square foot LEED Certified building showcasing state of the art "green" systems. Art Omi has chosen to protect and restore at least 50% of the existing habitat with native and adapted vegetation. In addition, we have provided over 90% open space to the development footprint to promote biodiversity.