Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsors are invited to become active partners in our residency programs: from the artists’ initial application to the final selection process, and to support the Sculpture & Architecture Park, and Art Omi: Education. We provide each donor with unique and individual ways to support the causes most important to them, such as supporting an artist who represents a particular country of origin, an artistic genre, or any other area of interest or program. Each sponsor receives acknowledgements on our online and printed outlets.

Please know that your support for Art Omi stimulates international collaboration, furthers cultural discourse in the US, and provides rich international cultural offerings for the local community.

Our sincere thanks to the many generous cultural organizations, businesses and individuals who support Art Omi by sponsoring our Residency Programs for international writers, translators, visual artists, musicians, composers, dancers and choreographers as well as our educational programming and cultural offerings.

Contact development@artomi.org, or call 518-392-4747 to begin a conversation today about sponsorship opportunities.