Lindsey Abudei (Nigeria) is a Neo-Soul singer and songwriter whose influences are from the 70s, the Motown Era and the 90s;Influences that seep through her two projects, Brown, her EP(2013) and recently, her debut album, "...And The Bass Is Queen" (2016).

Tom Arthurs (UK/Berlin), one of Europe's brightest and most versatile young talents, is a trumpeter-composer-improviser active in jazz and improvised music circles – increasingly renowned for his glowing sound and relentless creativity. He has released on ECM, ACT, Intakt, Unit, Babel and Creative Sources, composed for string quartet and the BBC Concert Orchestra (as BBC New Generation Artist 2008-10), and has performed with everybody from John Taylor to Eddie Prévost, The Unthanks to Jan Bang, and Julia Hülsmann to Ingrid Laubrock. Tom also holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh following his ethnographic work on Berlin's Improvised Music scene.

Yuan-Chen Li (Taiwan/USA) Yuan-Chen Li's musical style and language is cultivated through a sensitivity to human expression. Her Taiwanese upbringing, a Buddhist spirit, Western musical ear, and the symbolic aspects of nature and art, have inspired her work. The sense of time and momentum in her music is not easily categorized as purely classical or contemporary. Her appreciation of principles about transformation, often found in classical Chinese poetry, brings an inclusiveness to modern music valuing both discipline and emancipation.

Stephen Cohen (USA) is a performing and recording artist, composer, singer/songwriter, and visual artist. His first album, The Tree People, recorded in 1979, has been discovered in this century and reissued by record companies inJapan and Spain. His newest recordings are the CD, "3 String Stephen Plays Cigar Box Guitar", the vinyl EP "Talk to Me", and the single "Miniature Planet". Stephen has performed in concert and at festivals across the United States. His short film, the Cistern Symphony, which he created with a team of musicians and artists, was selected and shown at the 2016 AVI Festival in Israel.

Farzin Dehghan (Iran) is a young kamancheh (traditional Iranian bowed string instrument) virtuoso originally from Isfahan, Iran. He currently studies at Berklee College of Music. Farzin has self-taught himself the kamancheh and Persian Classical Music repertoire (The Radif). However, Master Musicians such as Kayhan Kalhor and Hossein Alizadeh have mentored Farzin and consider him as an emerging artist. Also, Farzin is currently studying the Arabic music repertoire with maestro Simon Shaheen, a Palestinian oud virtuoso. Farzin has performed throughout the US as a soloist and as an ensemble member. In October, Farzin will tour the US and Canada alongside Majid Derakhshani, a Persian Classical Music master.

Hassan Estakhrian (USA) is a composer, performer, intermedia-producer, music technologist, and educator. He is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and band leader. Hassan collides rock/funk/jazz with experimental/chamber music and incorporates technological elements such as Nintendo Wiimotes and interactive visuals. Hassan's compositional aesthetic is represented by a variety of quirky creations. Animal avatars flown across a 3D simulated environment with Wiimotes manipulating parameters of music, a musical card game with graphic notation, songs about turkey sandwiches and social inequality, a choir of singing hands, and a chamber piece for eight trombones are just a few brief examples of his varied body of work.

Ailís Ní Ríain (Ireland, Unlimit Art Fellow) is a composer and improvising pianist who aims to produce work that challenges, provokes and engages. A regular collaborator with artists in other artforms, her artistic interests are diverse and combined with an unwavering desire to develop her artistic practice with each new project or commission. Her music has been performed at London's Purcell Room, The Royal Festival Hall, The National Concert Hall in Dublin, Carnegie Hall in New York and featured on BBC & RTÉ radio. She composes in a variety of forms including music-theatre, concert music, electro-acoustic, opera and site-specific installation music for unusual historic buildings.

Alberto Novello (Italy) is a Nuclear Physics and Multimedia Artist. He has worked at the Philips Research Labs, and TU Eindhoven in Music Psychology and studied electro-acoustic composition with J.C. Risset, P. Berg and J. Ryan. He has assisted Nicolas Collins and Alvin Lucier. The focus of his practice is how humans perceive sound: what unconscious mechanisms we use to make sense of reality, and how can one alter the audience's perception through sound. His works have been presented in international festivals (Spectrum, Venice Biennale), institutes for experimental music (CCMAS-Mexico, Logos-Belgium,STEIM–Amsterdam, Dom–Moskow, IEM-Graz) and conferences (NIME, ICMC, ICMPC, Seoul Computer Music).

Efraín Rozas (Peru/USA) is a musician/researcher, specialized in the combination of new technologies and Latin American genres. He holds a PhD in composition and ethnomusicology from New York University, funded by the McCracken fellowship. He has published the book/video documentary "Fusión: a soundtrack for Peru", and has released several albums internationally. He has performed at the Brooklyn Museum, Queens Museum, and played with his experimental salsa band "La Mecánica Popular" at Central Park Summerstage Fania Records anniversary in New York, and the Levitation Festival. His work has been featured at CNN, BBC, Washington post, Daily News and NPR.

Jeremy Rose (Australia, Australian Arts Council Fellow) is on of Australia's leading saxophonists and composers, having performed nationally and internationally at festivals, concert halls and jazz clubs. His music effortlessly crosses cultural borders and musical styles, and his work as a composer is equally cognizant and successful in classical music composition, jazz, world music, and contemporary music. Jeremy is a founding director of Earshift Music, releasing over a dozen albums of original music with his projects including The Vampires, The Strides, the Jeremy Rose Quartet and the Compass Saxophone Quartet. He also regularly performs with Cameron Undy's 20th Century Dog, contemporary classical ensemble Ensemble Offspring and Phillip Johnston's Septet and Greasy Chicken Orchestra.

Silvia Sauer (Germany) is a singer, improviser and performer, fascinated by musically exploring the extent of expression and the facets of human voice. In the course of years her quest includes among others: jazz and world music, live-performances of silent movies worldwide (by invitation of Goethe-Institutes), multimedia projects with dancers and musicians, collective free improvised music and humorous solo-performances in a variety of theatrical contexts with her loop station (as "voice-theater"). She integrates this wide range of music genres in her personal artistic style of expression and improvisation, which is characterized as a free, un-dogmatic and playful bridging of boundaries.

2017 Alumnus-in-Residence
Ron Warren (USA) has been fortunate enough to discover an extremely varied, rich and deep path as a musician and Native American flute player. He has had the opportunity to work with lineups of incredibly gifted musicians, dancers, writers and other artists in a great variety of settings ranging from powwow grounds to club to concert hall. There are three main areas of activity that have sustained and nourished him over the years: Creative work (mostly composing, improvisation and writing about music), sharing that work through performances and recordings, using his experiences and studies to help others progress on their own path, through classroom teaching, lessons, workshops, etc.

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