Danielle Bentley (Australia — Australian Arts Foundation fellow) is an award-winning cellist specializing in contemporary music working extensively across a broad range of genres. Winner of the prestigious APRA-ACMOS Art Music Award for Excellence by an Individual for her dedication and commitment to Australian art music and chamber music, Danielle is known for her and performance, recording and commissioning of Australian compositions and strong curatorial focus on art music at festivals she has managed/curated. Active as a freelance musician, Danielle has recorded, performed and toured with some of Australia’s and the world’s most popular stars, including Kanye West, Diana Fkrall, Harry Connick Jr., De La Soul, Hugh Jackman many others.

Tatiana Castro (Colombia/Argentina) is a pianist, improviser and composer. Today, improvisation plays a leading role and seeks to cross lines with dance and theater, with writing and poetry. At the present, she works on several projects: Castro Mejía-Salgado Duo (piano & trombone). Her project Trío+Una (where she works music and text). El Cuarteto Instantáneo, group led by bassist Guillermo Roldán, whose grounds is improvisation with Enrique Norris (cornet) and Francisco Salgado (trombone). With Eriza: Cecilia Quintero, cello and Amanda Irarrázabal, double bass (improvised music). She has programmed, since 2016, Plataforma Piano, an interdisciplinary cycle. In 2016/2017, she studied drama with Argentine director Juan Coulasso.

Shinobu Eto (Japan) is a Tokyo-based koto player. She has mainly performed Japanese traditional the music genre known as jiuta-sokyoku and is currently diversifying into experimental contemporary music. The concept of nature sound and silence strongly inspires her. Eto has received traditional training from her grand aunt Toshiko Yonekawa I and II. Her performing artist name is Toshifumi. She graduated from NHK professional Music Training School where she received a scholarship from the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan. She has performed all over Japan, including concerts sponsored by the National Theatre of Japan and NHK Radio. Her newest CD is “COUNTERPOINT X/Y” (2015) with improvisations works.

Hilliard Greene (USA), double bass performer, has been performing jazz, classical, rock, blues, R&B, tango, Celtic and avant-garde music for more than 30 years’ in major cities throughout the United States and Canada, South America, Europe, Russia, and Asia. Greene studied at the University of Northern Iowa and Berklee College of Music. He has performed, recorded and toured as bassist and Musical Director with Jimmy Scott, and served as Concert Master for Cecil Taylor’s group “Phtongos”. He is currently full-time faculty at the Collective School of Music in New York City. He is featured on more than fifty recordings, five as a leader.

Sandra “Sunny” Kluge (Germany/USA), tap dancer, was hailed by Travis Knights as “one of the finest tap dancers of her generation”. Her performance credits include Thomas Marek's NOLA, Homöostep, and the Tap Ahead Festival, and she has been invited to teach at renowned facilities such as tanzhaus nrw, Footprints Studio, and tap club. Her tap dance concept video “Extend:Beyond - Regarding Art” has received critical acclaim and made her the winner of ArtKompetes’ International Short Film Competition. Her artistic works have been featured in publications including Average Art, The Tap Love Tour Podcast, What Moves You, and Not Random Art.

Bonnie Lander (USA) is an avant-garde soprano, violinist, free improviser, and composer based in the Baltimore and Philadelphia areas. As a performer and composer Bonnie specializes in works that combine free improvisation with structured composition. In the past few years Bonnie has developed a series of theatrical series of works called "Inside Voices." These works intend for the audience to experience the voices, noise, and emotional narratives in the performer's mind through the operatic use of timbre, resonance, articulation, as well its embrace of visceral, gut wrenching emotion.

Nikolaus Neuser (Germany) is a trumpet player, improviser and composer based in Berlin who performs in various contexts, such as jazz, improvised music and interdisciplinary projects. He graduated with a music diploma from Folkwang University Essen. He has worked with artists like Matana Roberts, Tyshawn Sorey, Maggie Nicols, Satoko Fujii, and is currently working with the electroacoustic trio Scott/Neuser/Frangenheim, his I Am Three quintet, Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, and Potsa Lotsa. He has composed music for several plays, was a guest professor at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá, and appears on more than 50 CDs.

Jude Nwankwo (Nigeria) is a composer and choral music conductor/trainer. He has a Bachelor and Master of Arts Degree in Music from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). He is the inaugural recipient of the Sub-Saharan Africa Commissioning Project of the Morehouse College Department of Music, Atlanta, GA. He is the founder and director of the J Clef Chorale, a choir dedicated to training young choral music enthusiasts in the art of good choral singing. He is presently a lecturer in the Department of Music, UNN. He is married to Evangeline Nwankwo and blessed with a son, Chibidorom.

Carlos Quebrada (Columbia/Argentina) is a bassist, improviser and composer born in Bogotá and settled in Buenos Aires since 2009. He studied in the jazz program and composition in “Manuel de Falla,” has released 15 albums between Bogotá and Buenos Aires. He has worked composing music for several theater plays, shortcuts and movies, and in 2015 he won best music in the short film festival ‘’Bogoshorts’.’ His compositions include works for electric guitar ensemble, and string ensemble with no conventional soloists. Gurrently co-directs the net label TVL REC, releasing albums of experimental and new music of artist from Latin America.

Daniel Sabio (Puerto Rico/USA) is an audiovisual artist. His works range from igniting live virtual reality performances to fully immersive code-driven installations. They have garnered diverse international attention, from ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art) to Bass Coast Festival, and have placed him in shows alongside astrophysicists, household names and internet stars alike, Michio Kaku, Waka Flocka Flame, and Molly Soda among them. His unique perspectives on technology’s role in art stems from a bizarre mixture of subcultures fused with insights gained from studies in some of music’s richest cultures, including Ghana, Turkey and Brazil.

David Schulman (USA) is an improvising violinist whose nocturnal, funky, and cinematic music has been called “mysterious and beautiful” by the Washington Post. David wrote and recorded the theme music for NPR's new hit show "The Big Listen," and has created dance scores for Christopher K. Morgan & Artists and the Oregon Ballet Theatre. CapitolBop named his album ANHINGA to "Best DC Jazz Albums of 2016 (#3)." David’s obsession with jazz violinist “Stuff” Smith’s sound recently led him to replicate Smith’s vintage ‘50s gear. Also a radio producer, David’s “Playing the Casals Cello” was short-listed for the 2017 Prix Italia.

Siyang “Sophia” Shen (China), born in Zhangzhou, a small city in southeast China, is a composer, sound artist, pipa performer and improviser who believes in the subjective, evocative, conceptual and ineffable nature of music and sound. She makes intangible connections with performers and listeners by creating music that evokes memory and imagination. She is interested in bridging the divide between cultures by using instruments to dissemble and synthesize new sounds. Sophia is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College where she also studied composition and improvisation.

Federico Valdez (Argentina/Mexico) is a musician with a heterodox approach working with different kind of sound sources. Although he is primarily a composer, he has also always been a performer/improviser, which is integral to his work. In recent years he’s been working mainly as a soloist or in collaboration with artists of other disciplines (dance, theater, visual arts, etc.).

Audrey Chen (USA/Berlin — Alumnus in Residence), for the last 15 years has predominantly focused on her solo work, joining together the extended and inherent vocabularies of the cello, voice and analog electronics. More recently, she has begun to shift back towards exploring her voice as a primary instrument, delving even more deeply into her own version of narrative and non-linear storytelling. Regardless of instrument, her mode of experimentation touches upon both the abstractly beautiful and the aggressively unsettling, creating a kind of curiously imagined architecture, non-prosaic song or ritual that reaches beyond gravity or language. Chen is American born but is currently based in Berlin, Germany while keeping an active international touring schedule. Recent projects, aside from performing solo, include her long running voices duo with London based artist Phil Minton, and duos with NYC abstract turntablist, Maria Chavez, BEAM SPLITTER with Norwegian trombonist Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, the “romantic noise duo” AFTERBURNER with Doron Sadja (electronics/light projections), HISS & VISCERA with modular synth player Richard Scott, and a collaborative project with German conceptual artist John Bock.

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