The New York Times: Art Omi is featured as one of 5 upstate exhibition spaces worth the ride

Thursday, Aug 30, 2018

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Worth the Ride: 5 Surprising Exhibition Spaces in Upstate New York

"This sprawling art park in Ghent rivals in size the long-established Storm King Art Center farther south. Scattered on its grounds is an assortment of recent and older art, from Richard Nonas’s ground-hugging weathered wood grid — it looks like a relic from a fallen culture of geometricians — to Folkert de Jong’s figurative fancies. Especially eye-catching is Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley’s fully habitable (if not altogether hospitable) glass house, which sits on a column atop a hill and swings slowly in the breeze. This summer, Omi’s indoor gallery hosts a gemlike exhibition of Thomas Nozkowski’s recent abstract paintings, each a marvel of invention, and all seeming particularly luminous under natural light. His work has never looked better."

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