Scroll: Why writers’ residencies in general – and Sangam House in particular – may go on despite Covid-19

Friday, Jun 05, 2020

DW Gibson, Director, Art Omi: Writers and co-founder of the Sangam House residency in Bengaluru, reveals the plan – and the hope: "The first time I ever heard about a “residency” for writers was in college. I nodded along with the other students even though I had no idea what the instructor was talking about. I think the word immediately struck me as intimate: residency is that place where you live – your home – but the word also confused me because it has a long term, if not permanent, feel to it. More than 20 years later, I see a similar mixed reaction from others whenever the subject of a residency comes up – and it comes up a lot for me because residencies have been a part of my professional life for the past 15 years."

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