Document Journal: Getting Out: Art Omi, the sculpture park that will make you feel joy again

Friday, Aug 14, 2020

"Often compared to one another (as the two most notable sculpture parks in the Hudson valley), [Art] Omi is Storm King’s progressive, free-spirited younger sister. While Storm King boasts a blockbuster collection of Modern Art greats (Calder, LeWitt, Serra), Omi’s collection of lesser-known, more geographically and stylistically diverse contemporary artists are (at least to me) more exciting to experience. Largely untouched by landscapers or horticulturalists, [Art] Omi’s vast pastures, wetlands, and forested paths are teeming with naturally occurring flora and fauna. Some works camouflage into the brush, like Margaret Evangeline’s Gunshot Landscape, which can go unnoticed on an overcast day without light to reflect its punctured stainless steel surface. Others reach out through the trees and demand your consideration."

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