Chronogram: On the Cover: The Mahican Bowl—Is It Art or Is It a Skate Park?

Thursday, Oct 01, 2020

On the cover this month, photographer Bryan Zimmerman captures skateboarder Justin McDowell in a moment of fierce, wild bliss and impeccable balance, leaving socially distanced onlookers of all ages standing spellbound. You can almost hear the crack and zing of his wheels re-engaging with the curvaceous bowl, not quite like any you've seen before.

Chemi Rosado-Seijo's Mahican Pearl-Hole (The Mahican Bowl) is a site-specific sculptural installation that opened on July 27 at Art Omi in Ghent. "Yes, that is a fully functional skate bowl—as the skateboarders who have already descended on the piece will attest," says Art Omi Communications Director Jessica Puglisi. "To the question of whether this is 'art' or did Art Omi just build a skate bowl, the answer is simply 'Yes.'"

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