Octogenarian and self-described “senior slut,” Garner’s lusty practice spans mail-order catalogs, classified ads, garments with cutouts, custom cars, tattoos (a red-and white bra, blue G-string crotch—pushed aside, ready for action—waistband stuffed with Monopoly money), and performances on the streets and on television. From the early aughts to the present, as Garner’s vision has waned, she has maintained a practice of producing a t-shirt a day, using iron-on letters to tinker with popular phrases in ways that reclaim their lusty potential and thumb her nose at assimilationist narratives.

Pioneer Works Press and Art Omi just copublished $ELL YOUR $ELF, the first monograph to span Garner’s visionary practice from the 1960s to the present, and a kaleidoscopic survey of her work in custom cars, hormone-hacking, and in offering deviant solutions to everyday problems. Join Misc. Pippa and the editors of the publication to discuss Garner’s work and interest in kinks, hacks, and bodies—the aluminum variety found in the autobody shop and the fleshy kind walking the streets.