Robert Grosvenor, Untitled

June 1, 2004
Sculpture & Architecture Park

This sculpture is temporarily removed for conservation, and will return in 2021.

For the past five decades, Robert Grosvenor has been producing striking, diverse and powerful abstract sculptures. Surprisingly, these industrial-looking forms have been carefully hand-made by the artist himself.

This impressive-scale sculpture slices through the landscape in both scale and color. This large abstract form creates the sense of vertical movement, beginning slowly and shooting upwards leading the viewers eye towards the sky. This work is one of his larger scale pieces, and his more typical work involves these materials existing in a gallery setting or sculptures on a smaller scale. His indoor pieces contain multiple elements and are often very conceptual in context. Many of his sculptures are titled simply, Untitled.

Works by Grosvenor have been exhibited throughout the world in multiple institutions and galleries since the 1960s. His work is a part of a multitude of public collections, and has been commissioned by Storm King Art Center and Mountainville Sculpture Park. He received degrees for art in France and Italy, and currently lives and works on Long Island in New York State.

Untitled was discussed in depth during Curatorial Conversations: Modernist Metal on May 15, 2020. Watch the video archive here:

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