Pippa Garner: Haulin’ Ass!

For more than five decades, artist Pippa Garner has embedded her work in the world, often realizing projects outside the confines of galleries, museums, or the boundaries of what has been strictly defined as art. Originally trained as a car designer, Garner was kicked out of the ArtCenter College of Design’s transportation design program in

Alexandre Arrechea: Orange Functional

Cuban-born artist Alexandre Arrechea (b. 1970) examines the politics of public gathering spaces, returning for more than twenty years to the symbol of the basketball court. In Orange Functional–a major new commission by Art Omi–orange branches blossom into functional basketball hoops. As viewers throw basketballs, they fall from hoop to grass, evoking orange fruit falling from

Iván Navarro: This Land Is Your Land

This Land Is Your Land, an installation by Chilean artist Iván Navarro (b. 1972), points to connections between two countries–Chile and the United States. The work takes its title from a folk song by American musician Woody Guthrie that was a source of inspiration for Chilean folk singers banned in Chile under the violent dictatorship

Alicja Kwade: TunnelTeller

TunnelTeller is an immersive outdoor sculpture by Alicja Kwade. The work is designed to challenge the viewer’s notions of space and perception. TunnelTeller is fabricated from smooth concrete and punctuated with stainless steel apertures that frame and distort the view of the surrounding landscape and sky. Large stone quartzite spheres are strewn around the maze-like work, resembling discarded

Jean Shin: Allée Gathering

Jean Shin is recognized for her large-scale installations that transform everyday objects into elegant expressions of identity and community. Using salvaged wood to create a monumental picnic table, Allée Gathering serves as a communal place to rest and gather together in conversation, observation, and reflection. Timbers cut from several felled tree trunks are connected, creating one continuous,

Anna Sew Hoy: Set Notions

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Anna Sew Hoy is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. In her sculptures, the slowness of the handmade collides with symbols of speedy communication and global junk, to create totemic forms. Sew Hoy is inspired by clay’s history as a material for making ritual and functional objects.

Olaf Breuning: Clouds

Standing at over thirty feet tall, Olaf Breuning’s Clouds tower over and in front of their surrounding landscape. Held in place by rudimentary steel supports, these comical clouds are cut from polished aluminum and powder-coated in different hues of bright blue. In this work, the artist has created a cartoon-like representation of an atmospheric and light element

Chemi Rosado-Seijo: Ceremonial Pearl-Hole (The Ceremonial Bowl)

Chemi Rosado-Seijo is a Puerto-Rican artist who creates community-based interventions with strong ties to their site of origin. He creates multimedia projects that attempt to bring daily life to contemporary art while proposing alternative readings of political and social situations. In this new, site-specific work, Rosado-Seijo explores the parallels between skateboarding and contemporary art. The

Will Ryman: Pac-Lab

Will Ryman’s Pac-Lab, is a series of walls and pathways designed to mimic a video game maze in large-scale, which visitors can enter and navigate. Ryman hand-sculpted the walls of the maze in clay, creating the effect of a primitive monument; each wall is painted a bold primary color (colors that recall our childhood associations of

Dan Colen: Yellow M&M, Brown M&M, Red M&M, Orange M&M

Spanning painting, sculpture, photography, performance, and installation, Dan Colen’s oeuvre explores the tensions between figuration and abstraction, the abject and the sublime, the timely and the timeless. Colen’s earliest works investigate the forms and characters that populate our collective imagination. Today, he continues to probe cultural mythologies and archetypes in various media, appropriating imagery from