Anne Lindberg: fold and unfold

fold and unfold, 2015Egyptian cotton thread, staples field drawing 03, field drawing 04, unfold 03, 2015Graphite drawings on paper Anne Lindberg’s sculptures and drawings tap a non-verbal physiological landscape of body and space, which often provoke emotional, visceral and perceptual responses. Lindberg works with an expanded definition of drawing languages, and is influenced by the

Alain Kirili + James Siena: Linear Elements

Alain Kirili, Iron Calligraphy, 2015, Forged Iron, 70″ x 106″James Siena, Contents May Differ, 2014. bronze, 29-1/2″ x 29-1/2″ x 25-1/4″James Siena, Ilya Prigogine, 2011-2014. bronze, 13-3/4″ x 29″ x 16-3/8″ The two person exhibition, Linear Elements, presents recent drawings and sculptures by Alain Kirili and James Siena. Says exhibition curator Nicole Hayes, “the work of both Kirili and

Summer 2015 Exhibition: The Crayon Miscellanay

2015 Summer Group Exhibitioncurated by Julie Ryan Artist Talks:Donald Baechler: Saturday, June 27, 4 PMPamela Fraser: Saturday, July 18, 4 PM In The Fields Sculpture Park, The Crayon Miscellany includes major bronze works by Donald Baechler as well as a mural to be shown along one side of the gallery among other works. Also in The Fields

Elizabeth Murray

Kind of Blue, 2004Oil on canvas on wood9’x11’x2″ The New World, 2006Oil on canvas on wood8’½”x6’7″x1¾” Morning is Breaking, 2005-2006Oil on canvas on wood9’2½”x10’1″x2½” Elizabeth Murray’s process in creating these large-scale paintings involves multiple overlays, abstractions and an encoded vocabulary of pictures, letters and archetypal symbols. Murray’s paintings burst with lively excitement, at the same

Joan Linder: Drawn Home

Joan Linder uses pen and ink to create labor intensive, often life-size drawings that transform mundane subjects into conceptually rich images. In this gallery exhibition at Art Omi, Linder will exhibit drawings created over the last 10 years depicting spaces in Linder’s own home and the homes of her family. The exhibit will include Sink, a

Paula Hayes: Lucid Green

Lucid Green, 2013, is a 100 page, neoprene wrapped, deluxe artist’s book, housed in a wall mounted cast acrylic case, published by Carolina Nitsch, New York. The book relies equally on image, typography and word to create a poetic place in which the reader is invited to enter through the various means the book offers

Stephen Westfall: Oracle

New York painter Stephen Westfall is widely known for colorful abstractions that add a new twist to the classic grid format. New York Times art critic Roberta Smith called them “delicately calibrated destabilizations” in a review in 2001 and Art in America has described him as a “veteran abstractionist, a kind of practicing Mondrianist and one of the few

Jim Torok: Drawings

Omi is pleased to present Jim Torok: Drawings, an exhibition of new works in the Charles B. Benenson Visitors Center Gallery (1405 County Route 22, Ghent, NY). Torok’s work is a study in contradictions. According to Pierogi Gallery, which has represented him for several years, Torok is known for his “photo realistic, miniature portraits and his