Thomas Lail: Notes for the Future

Art Omi presented Xerography paintings, works on paper and concrete sculptures by Thomas Lail. According to Peter Franck, Director of Architecture Omi, “Lail’s work follows in the tradition of history painting, but clearly speaks with the language of architecture.” Lail’s large-scale collages chart the persistent dream and tragedy of our lost Utopias. The artist works

Alice Aycock: A Simple Network of Underground Wells and Tunnels

On view by appointment, and from May to October (weather permitting), Saturday and Sundays, 12 – 4 PM. Originally constructed by the artist in 1975 at Merriewold West in Far Hills, New Jersey, this iconic structure is a recreation of the original installation supervised by the artist. A Simple Network of Underground Wells and Tunnels

Augmented Reality: Peeling Layers of Space Out of Thin Air, curated by John Cleater

Augmented Reality offers a peek at the future of architecture and representation, but more generally, it marks a further integration of a novel technology to our everyday experience. Sim worlds and virtual reality have been plodding forward in niche corners of geekdom, but are limited by cumbersome and expensive gear. Augmented Reality is fundamentally more accessible. The simplicity