OnSite: Karla Rothstein

OnSite: Karla Rothstein presents a fragment of Constellation Park, a public infrastructure coupling science and the civic-sacred. This new urban cemetery is a design by Rothstein’s firm Latent Productions in collaboration with Columbia University’s, GSAPP DeathLAB. Constellation Park (2015) transforms our biomass into an elegant constellation of light, illuminating our collective responsibility for the future. OnSite is an intimate exhibition

Caroline O’Donnell + Martin Miller: Evitim

Evitim is a 24’ tower in the Architecture Fields at Art Omi, in Ghent, New York that recycles the waste from the adjacent pavilion, Primitive Hut. While Primitive Hut was a decomposing pavilion made of hemp, sawdust, bio resin and manure, 64 sheets of plywood were used to produce the non-decomposable structural components. The leftovers from these CNC cut

Viola Ago + Hans Tursack: Transfers

Transfers is a large, vertically oriented, proto-architectural sculptural installation. This will be the second iteration of the project, which was first installed in downtown Los Angeles at the A+D Museum from March through May 2018. In this second iteration installed at Art Omi: Architecture, Transfers has been be stripped down to its aluminum scaffolding, and re-clad with a

Vruti Desai + Avinash Sharma: Carapace

Carapace is a study in architectural autonomy that requires no foundations and, therefore, no incursions into the ground. It is a minimally invasive, free-standing and structurally self-sufficient object. As such, it contains within it the possibility of multiple orientations and any number of possible sitings. Its orientation and position are only temporary and its material identity,

LevenBetts: Zoid

The idea of, and name, “zoid” comes from an on-going geometric study in the architecture practice of LevenBetts, based on a single repeatable shape—a right trapezoid. LevenBetts has realized this shape in art installations in New York, public seating in the Miami Design District, a house in Hudson, NY, and now at Omi. Since zoid’s ultimate objective

OnSite: Mónica Ponce de León

The OnSite exhibition presents sculptural fragments of a memorial designed for New Zealand by MPdL Studio. The stones on view are prototypes, exploring the robotic fabrication process that will be used in the creation of the final work. Mónica Ponce de León is an Architect and the Dean of the School of Architecture at Princeton University. She

OnSite: Yolande Daniels

The exhibition will feature the Maquette from Yolande Daniels’ 2010 installation, Tea Cozy, an outdoor pavilion of folded waterjet cut sheet steel and cast concrete hemisphere seating for the Evergreen Museum at Johns Hopkins University. The project responds to the decorative exuberance of a demolished tearoom on the grounds of the former mansion and references tea

OnSite: Jenny Sabin

Photos by Benjamin Swett Winner of The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1’s annual Young Architects Program, Lumen is an immersive, interactive installation by Jenny Sabin Studio. This year’s structure evolves over the course of the day, with responsive textiles that display subtle color in sunlight and emit glowing light after sundown. This exhibition features elements

Benjamin Cadena: Over the Line

This installation takes on the most basic architectural element, the wall. A wall separates, it divides inside and out, your land and my land, this place and that – it’s the archetype and physical manifestation of the boundary between two places. Over the Line undermines this premise by proposing a wall that does not divided, sets no

Caroline O’Donnell + Martin Miller: Primitive Hut

Primitive Hut is a temporary installation that challenges architecture’s stasis and permanence. The piece will transform between states of solid, frame, and void, while, through its decomposition, it will assist the growth of trees, which will replace the physical geometric form with a comparable, but radically different and now living, form. Primitive Hut recalls Laugier’s 1755 etching