HANNAH: RRRolling Stones

RRRolling Stones, conceived by HANNAH, is a moveable outdoor seating system made from 3D-printed concrete. The designers exploit the standard ergonomics of a functional chair to create durable, mobile outdoor seating. RRRolling Stones’ playful design encourages creative interaction and emboldens park visitors to configure them in original arrangements based on preference and need: linear benches

Aleksandr Mergold: Oculi

Oculi, constructed from two reconfigured 40-year-old metal grain bins, is created by Aleksandr Mergold and his design practice, Austin+Mergold (A+M) in collaboration with artist Maria Park and structural engineers Chris Earls and Scott Hughes. The grain bins, which once stored string corn on a farm in Delphos, OH, now frame unobstructed view of the sky

BASE studio / Arquitectura UDD, 0-VOID

0-VOID is an inflatable pavilion developed in the framework of an undergraduate Architectural Design Studio dictated by BASE studio at Universidad del Desarrollo’s Architecture School, in Santiago, Chile. The pavilion synthesizes and embodies the explored potential of pneumatic systems for creating geometrical, material and non-conventional spatial formulations. The pavilion was designed through an iterative process informed

Hou de Sousa: Prismatic

Prismatic is an immersive, large-scale experience of color, light, and space. Unique on all sides, eleven individual elements come together to create a nine-block layout, encouraging visitors to both explore its exterior walls and internal corridors. Its design balances the forces of expansion and limitation, with its prism-shaped forms breaking away from a central point, all

Yolande Daniels: Tea Cozy 2

Tea Cozy is an outdoor pavilion of folded steel and cast concrete hemisphere. Originally exhibited at the Evergreen Museum at Johns Hopkins University, the project responds to the decorative exuberance of a demolished tearoom on the grounds of the former mansion and references tea fantasies from the tranquility of the Japanese tea ceremony to the psychedelia

InConstruction: Cristina Parreño

InConstruction: Cristina Parreño presents TransTectonics in Construction, a set of four provocations that challenge conventional processes of material assemblies pushing towards innovation in design research. The prototypes PlyGlass, Ghost of Stone, Rock in Full Metal Jacket, and Wooden Bubble behave as tools for experimentation through intentional mismatches, calculated discrepancies and improbable pairings of materials and tectonics. At MIT, Cristina conducts the research

EXIT Architecture: Speculations for the Hereafter

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 12 from 2 – 4 PM in the Benenson Center Humans have been enshrining and memorializing their dead for millennia. While forms and rituals vary widely across cultures and religions, we are nonetheless reacting to similar desires: memorializing a life, coping with loss, religious symbolism, returning to nature, and so on.

InConstruction: Hariri & Hariri

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 12 from 2 – 4 PM in the Benenson Center InConstruction: Hariri & Hariri presents Folding Pods (2018-2019). This modest, modular, prefabricated pod has been designed with hinged, folded panels to facilitate their shipping and assembly. In its folded-flat configuration the lightweight pod fits on a flatbed truck so it can be transported to

OnSite: Lebbeus Woods

OnSite: Lebbeus Woods presents Three Reconstructed Boxes (1992-3), by Lebbeus Woods in collaboration with Paul Anvar and Yair Millet. Three Reconstructed Boxes is a sculptural work with sound and video components. Although proportioned like skyscrapers, the boxes are not considered architectural models, but rather conceived as a fully built work in three parts. This is the first time Three Reconstructed

Steven Holl: One Two Five

One Two Five is a pivotal piece in the Architecture Fields at Art Omi. It is placed close by one of the entry points to the fields dedicated to works by architects. When visitors walk through dense woods to emerge at a large open field the placement and installation re-orients them. This is also the first