Jun 01, 2021




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Columbia County is a place of working farms, open vistas, and primal forests. Sensory Journey fosters navigation of Art Omi’s fields with tactile, audial, olfactory, and visual opportunities for exploration. Multiple elements of engagement for each of our senses provide a heightened visceral encounter with the earth, the landscape, and the sky. Referring to local history, Sensory Journey incorporates Shaker beliefs, valuing rural traditions of spirituality, utility, and respect for the land. Walk, gather, learn, share, and enjoy.

Sensory Journey is a Global Future Design Award 2021 winner and recipient of a 2021 SARA National Design Awards Merit Award.

Wendy Evans Joseph is the founder of Studio Joseph. She leads the design for each of the firm’s projects and has completed a diverse array of commercial, institutional, residential, and cultural projects with a strong emphasis on public and community involvement. Wendy’s passion for art and museum culture has led to an extensive portfolio of exhibition design and installations, an arena in which Studio Joseph has claimed an international reputation.

Design: Studio Joseph (Wendy Evans Joseph, Jose Luis Vidalón, Monica Coghlan,
Shuo Yang, Cassandra Gerardo). Structure Engineer: Silman. Fabrication: South Side Design & Building / Sam Morse, Guigon Metal Work / Christophe Guigon. Construction: Blass Contracting.