Jun 01, 2005




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Earth Seed, 1993
Bluestone, stainless steel

Cloud Mountain, 2003
Bluestone, stainless steel

Branch, 1995
Bluestone, stainless steel

Nidana Chain, 1994
Bluestone, stainless steel, epoxy

Scapes, 2002
Bluestone, stainless steel

Gyropod, 2003
Bluestone, stainless steel

Life Seed, 2002
Bluestone, stainless steel

Cloud Arbor, 2003
Bluestone, stainless steel

Omi was proud to present this solo show of work by Tom Gottsleben, which contained eight large scale stone sculptures.

"Stone is a living material whose vital force can be revealed through art and architecture. Merging the substantiality and pliancy of material, while metamorphosing their completed shapes and their relationship to the environment, the artist suggests that the Eastern philosophy of yin and yang are complements rather than opponents." - Tom Gottsleben

Gottsleben is a sculptor and a painter who creates an experience of harmony and beauty that is present in the patterns of nature and the union of opposite forces; lines/curves, masculinity/femininity, denseness/lightness, order/chaos, form/void, and heaven/earth. These stone sculptures are the result of his intellectual, poetic, and metaphysical explorations.

Tom Gottsleben was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was educated at the San Francisco Art Institute, Japan, and an Indian ashram. Gottsleben has resided in the Hudson River Valley area since 1982. He currently lives and works in Saugerties, NY.Gottsleben's work has been exhibited in several locations, including the Neuberger Museum of Art in Purchase, NY, the annual Contemporary Sculpture exhibition at Chesterwood in Stockbridge, MA, and the New York Botanical garden in Bronx, NY. His work appears in numerous collections and he is represented by Elena Zang Gallery in Woodstock, NY.