May 01, 2015




Benenson Center

2015 Summer Group Exhibition
curated by Julie Ryan

Artist Talks:
Donald Baechler: Saturday, June 27, 4 PM
Pamela Fraser: Saturday, July 18, 4 PM

In The Fields Sculpture Park, The Crayon Miscellany includes major bronze works by Donald Baechler as well as a mural to be shown along one side of the gallery among other works. Also in The Fields at Omi will be a year long time-based changing work by Pamela Fraser, light and sign poetry by Robert Montgomery, and a rubber foliage sculpture by John Monti.

On view in the Charles B. Benenson Gallery as a continuation of the show will be wall sculptures entitled Elements (2015), by Georgian artist Tamuna Sirbiladze upon which other artist's art will hang as a kind of exhibition within an exhibition. These include paintings by Clare Grill, Julie Ryan and Jason Stopa, a diptych of photographs by Ron Amstutz and drip painting by Austrian artist Andreas Reiter Raabe.

Also in the gallery, Mary Heilmann has created an arrangement of her work especially for Omi titled Hemingway, My Way Arrangement (2015). Michael Zahn's emoji tondi paintings Dennis and Yep, Yep, Yep (2015) will be on view. There will also be two video works integrated into the exhibition by Andrew Huston.

Curator's Statement:
I conjured The Crayon Miscellany as an exhibition that might exist even when no one was there to bear witness. The work encompasses the Charles B. Benenson Gallery and spills out as we walk across The Fields at Omi, coolly calling inside, slyly beaconing outside, to and fro and back again. It requires a landscape to rest amongst the landscape itself and an audience who'd recognize themselves reflected in the art as such (Donald BAECHLER). The walls are rendered gamely as fields and permissions granted to extend where art will reside. These wall sculptures titled Elements test our notions of painting/object relationships (Tamuna SIRBILADZE) and extend as a theme throughout the show (Pamela FRASER, Michael ZAHN). Abstraction and its kin widely pondered and broached would be set upon in domestic tableaux (Mary HEILMANN) and canvas alone (Julie RYAN, Clare GRILL, Jason STOPA). Our subjective notions of practice, process, and objected-hood are considered and posed. Too little? Too much? (Ron AMSTUTZ, Andrew HUSTON, Andreas REITER RAABE). The Crayon Miscellany frames the scanning of a vista and punctuates it with the poetics of light (Robert MONTGOMERY), read through window, lattice or screen and set by the woods a surprise (John MONTI). And so it goes -- as we walk, we reside.

  • Julie Ryan, 2014

Julie Ryan is an artist who curates and writes on art and culture. She lived in Europe for over 10 years including seven years in Vienna where she first went to open the Museum of Moderne Kunst in a performance with Franz West and Heimo Zobernig. In 2014 Julie had a solo exhibition at SHOWROOM gallery, NYC. She was a contributing editor to index magazine, and a regular contributor to Artnet.com and Tema Celeste and has contributed to numerous publications and catalogs. Currently she lives in Brooklyn and in the last year her work was included in several shows in the US and Europe including This One's Optimistic: Pincushion curated by Cary Smith at The New Britain Museum, CT.