Jun 01, 2008




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Neon, VW Microbus, steel, paint, Styrofoam, expandable foam

Sculptor and multl-media artist Steven Rolf Kroeger has been working with a variety of metals and fabrication techniques for over 14 years. This piece, Toaster, is a clever intervention which uses the entirety of a VW Microbus to create a larger-than life toaster, complete with warming panels (made of neon), and a piece of toast that emerges through the roof of the vehicle. The toast is able to retract into the van, and the windows glow with red-hot zig-zags along the side to indicate the "toasting" process.

Kroeger received his BFA from Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ), and his MFA from SUNY Albany (Albany, NY). He has been commissioned by the Albany-Tula Alliance in 2010 to create a permanent commemorative sculpture for display in Albany. Kroeger participated in the 27th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show (Brooklyn, NY), and has exhibited in a multitude of group shows since the 90s. He works and lives in the Capital Region of New York.