Jun 24, 2023




Sculpture & Architecture Park

For more than five decades, artist Pippa Garner has embedded her work in the world, often realizing projects outside the confines of galleries, museums, or the boundaries of what has been strictly defined as art. Originally trained as a car designer, Garner was kicked out of the ArtCenter College of Design's transportation design program in 1969 for presenting a car morphing into a human body.

Haulin' Ass! (2023) is her latest custom car, unveiled on the fiftieth anniversary of her first major car work, Backwards Car (1973-1974). Commissioned by Art Omi, Haulin' Ass! is a 2003 red Ford Ranger removed from its chassis, rotated 180 degrees, and welded back together so it appears to drive backwards in motion. Fully functional and replete with super-sized truck nuts, it will make special appearances in the Hudson Valley and New York City.