Oct 06, 2018




Benenson Center

OnSite: Karla Rothstein presents a fragment of Constellation Park, a public infrastructure coupling science and the civic-sacred. This new urban cemetery is a design by Rothstein’s firm Latent Productions in collaboration with Columbia University's, GSAPP DeathLAB. Constellation Park (2015) transforms our biomass into an elegant constellation of light, illuminating our collective responsibility for the future.

OnSite is an intimate exhibition series in the Kantor Lobby of the Benenson Center at Art Omi that focuses on architectural experiments and contemporary practices of architects.

Karla Rothstein is a practicing architect, co-founder and design director at Latent Productions in Manhattan. Her professional and academic work has been published and recognized for design innovation internationally. Rothstein is also the founder and director of Columbia University’s DeathLAB, a cross-disciplinary research and design initiative within the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) where she has taught graduate design studios for twenty years.