Jun 01, 2005




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Cast polyester, steel, cement
Each 33"x31"x36"

This early work by Nina Levy is an example of her surrealistic style, using modern industrial materials to create conceptual situations involving common, recognizable imagery. Much of her figurative work contains hyperrealistic imagery of infants, children, people, floating heads, headless bodies, and abstracted forms. Her work is not quite gruesome, yet contains unsettling details when you compare the imagery with scale, surface qualities, and exaggerations of different body parts.

Nina Levy's work is collected by prestigious private and public institutions throughout the United States. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions since the 90s, and continues to show her large-scale and smaller scale sculptures in galleries and institutions throughout the United States. She is featured in a number of publications online and in print. Nina Levy has been living and working in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 1996.