Jul 06, 2024




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Jimenez Lai unearths intentionally obfuscated artifacts and the narratives they illuminate with the newly commissioned work Outcasts from the Underground. Inspired by the outdoor display of a local precast concrete manufacturer, the work is comprised of prefabricated concrete items designed to be buried, such as septic tanks, catchment basins, and basement staircases. Waste, seepage, and other matters below ground: these precast parts are the outcast characters we put to sleep the moment they are brought into life. 

Lai stacks these building elements on top of one another, creating a towering assemblage of Duchampian readymades resembling an exquisite corpse, a Surrealist drawing exercise. By reversing the intended orientation of the everyday building materials that make up the work, Outcasts from the Underground prompts visitors to consider what forms, ideas, and energies might be invited into our realm by exposing that which is traditionally obscured.

Summer Season Opening Party
SAT, JUL 6┃5-8 PM

Free and open to the public.
Advanced registration appreciated.