Aug 20, 2023




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Circulating Matters 2 explores the potential of a local circular construction industry in New York State. The project reuses materials from the Catherine Commons Deconstruction Project (a former 1910 residential building in Ithaca, NY), reactivating the material qualities and values for the construction of this installation. The design plays on concepts of circulation and circularity by reimagining a staircase as a multi-directional, spatial folly engaging with its present surroundings, material pasts (patina, dimensions of the pieces), and futures (reversible connections, design for disassembly). After being displayed initially at the 2022 Cornell Biennial, the installation has been deconstructed, redesigned, and reassembled for its new location at Art Omi following its design for disassembly principles.

Globally, buildings and construction account for about 50% of resource extraction, and at least 40% of carbon dioxide emissions and solid waste production. Within the US alone, 600 million tons of construction and demolition debris are generated per year—twice the amount of municipal solid waste. Circulating Matters 2 addresses how systemic concepts and methods for direct reuse of building elements at scale can be developed and implemented by combining panelized deconstruction with circular construction principles for a site-specific architectural application. 

Project Credits:
Circular Construction Lab, Cornell University:
Felix Heisel, Dan Bergsagel, Andrew Boghossian, Eduardo Cilleruelo Teran, Allexxus Farley-Thomas, Lulin He, Joseph McGranahan, Jasper Owen, Maxwell Rodencal, Tamer Shalabi, Connor Yocum, and Yao Wang. 

Finger Lakes ReUse; Trade Design Build; sbp engineering; pcrents; CR0WD.

Cornell Council for the Arts; Cornell College of Architecture, Art, and Planning; Cornell David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement; Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability.