Jun 01, 2012




Sculpture & Architecture Park

96" tall

"I often equate the sculptural experience with basic geological phenomena. It is not unlike the layering of sediment deposits – the metamorphic phase where those sediments (experience) are compressed by time (contemplation) and action to convert or transform (crystallize) ideas into new images. Then, of course, the igneous or volcanic, the violent upheavals or the internal pressures that completely and dramatically alter and transfix concepts into solid reality. Therefore, creativity goes in various directions, some slow, some rapid, but always changing." - Dimitri Hadzi, 1987

Dimitri Hadzi was born in 1921 and worked vigorously and contentedly until his death in 2006. His sculptures have been exhibited since the late 1950s. Hadzi's materials ranging from polished bronze to rough earthy stone. His aesthetic was international and abstract, gaining perspectives on form through both western and eastern culture. The context of his works deals with transforming, morphing movement and as such, can be defined by their aesthetic surfaces, relaying rough, laborious and tumultuous forms of abstraction and concentrated power. Throughout his career, Dimitri Hadzi has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions throughout the world. A selection of institutions at which he has exhibited include the Phoenic Museum of Art (AZ), Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven, CT), Richard Gray Gallery (Chicago, IL), Galleria dell'Obelisco (Rome, Italy), The Hakone Museum of Sculpture (Tokyo, Japan), and Danese (New York, NY). He has created a multitude of commissioned pieces for galleries throughout the United States, and from 1966-76 created 12' high bronze doors for the St. Paul's Church in Rome, Italy.