Jun 15, 2013




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Omi Rock Pavilion is a large faceted structure situated on a hilltop overlooking stunning views of the Catskills which will operate at the intersection of art and architecture, tying in the experience of viewing the landscape with being of the landscape. The inspiration for the piece comes from the geologic background of the area and takes its form from the rocky outcroppings scattered throughout Omi's campus. As a constructed rock outcropping, the pavilion plays with the idea of what is natural and what is artificial. Visitors are encouraged to sit in the pavilion, experiencing it both for its form as well as its function. Shadows from the wooden facets that comprise the structure will cast changing shadows and striped patterns depending on the sunlight and time of day.

Brian Brush is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture at Columbia University GSAPP, teaching courses in Geographic Information Systems and assisting graduate design studios. He is also founding partner in the New York based design collaboration E/B Office. His work focuses on the intersection of architecture and art, specifically through the manifestation of information in form, space, and material. The firm's projects Filament Mind and Seat were recently selected as finalists for the Architizer A+ Awards and their installation Dynamic Performance of Nature was highly ranked in the 2012 Public Art Network Year in Review.