Jun 05, 2020




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Bianca Beck, Untitled, 2020.
Painted fiberglass and steel. 160 H x 65 x 68"

Bianca Beck is an artist whose work begins with the body — from the imagined internal spaces of veins and organs to the dynamics of identity and expression. In this work, the artist's first large scale outdoor piece, they considered the expansion of the individual in relation to collectivity, creativity, and partnership. Untitled evokes a single colossal figure, as though the human scale has been psychically amplified by its potential, love, pride, and power to connect. Writer David Everitt Howe described Beck's sculptures as "nightlife denizens . . . ab-ex washy, bearing fluorescent doodles and brushstrokes and frenetic striations of color, like de Koonings rendered 3D with swagger and attitude."

Courtesy of the Artist and Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York