Jul 18, 2015




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Artists Ben Clement (UK) and Sebastian de la Cour (Denmark) exhibit their art under the moniker “benandsebastian”. benandsebastian’s Museum of Nothing are works in a series in which they explore the notions of collecting and connoisseurship. Working in the confines of museums, benandsebastian rehouse objects in finely crafted wooden vitrines. These two vitrines were created in 2015 while the artists were in residence at Art Omi. After spending considerable time in The Fields, benadsebastian concluded that the trees in the park are of equal standing with the sculptures. They chose two walnut trees to re-contextualize, both inconspicuous, one old and one young. A vitrine was built around each with the expectation that the trees would age and eventually grow into the vitrines.

benandsebastian is a visual artist duo that was formed in 2006 by Ben Clement and Sebastian de la Cour. The duo's elaborately crafted sculptural and installation art works have been shown in Europe, in the United States, and in Japan. benandsebastian live and work in Berlin and Copenhagen.