Jun 13, 2013




Benenson Center

Architecture Omi presents Drawing us out: Drawing in the Woods (For Lebbeus) by Architectonics Design Studio at the Cooper Union School of Architecture.

Continuing the "Omi Architecture Workshop" in conjunction with the first year students at The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union in New York City, Architecture Omi is pleased to announce the installation of Drawing us out: Drawing in the Woods (for Lebbeus). Led by David Gersten, Aida Miron and Uri Wegman, faculty members at the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture with the assistance of Architecture Omi's board chair Lee Skolnick and Program Director Peter Franck, and Associate Dean of the School of Architecture Elizabeth O'Donnell, the project explores the relationships between time, perception, drawing, working at the scale of a model and the scale of architecture. During the development of the project, the studio space at The Cooper Union was transformed into a scale representation of the installation site on the grounds of Architecture Omi.

According to Director Peter Franck, "Central to Architecture Omi's mission is the exploration of architecture as a laboratory of invention and working with students was an ideal way to advance these ideas." The work is a culmination of the efforts of 15 students, initiated and guided by a senior instructor, but formally conceived by students under his tutelage. As a pun on the name of Lebbeus Woods, the visionary theoretical architect and draftsman, the exhibition incorporates drawing, digital media, model making and construction. Fabricated partially at The Cooper Union, it was installed at Omi during the first two weeks of June.