Mar 17, 2018




Newmark Gallery

Art Omi held simultaneous solo exhibitions featuring the work Liliana Porter and Ana Tiscornia in March 2018. These two artists have resided together and shared studio space for decades (currently in Rhinebeck, NY) and while they have their own individual artistic practices their relationship has created a zone where their artistic processes, materials, subjects and themes overlap. The exhibition at Art Omi will create an opportunity for the viewer to experience the unique storytelling of their artistic worlds side by side.

Ana Tiscornia’s diverse practice encompasses wall works and collages composed with cutout cardboard and paper objects comprised of manipulated fragments. Drawing on traumatic experiences from her native Uruguay—including the atrocities of a military dictatorship—Tiscornia explores themes of displacement, war, poverty, and memory in abstract works that express the artist’s urge to impose new forms of order on the world. In her work, familiar items are reconfigured: branches appear to break through walls, chairs to sink into the ground, and geometric cardboard cutouts overlap in dense layers.

This exhibition will be a unique opportunity for Porter and Tiscornia to share their work in the region where they live. Both artists have shown extensively throughout the US, Europe and South America but rarely close to home. Additionally the exhibition at Art Omi will showcase a new video works currently being created by Porter. This exhibition will be a first in showing Porter’s video alongside her assemblage installation work.

Ana Tiscornia work will be shown in the Kantor Lobby gallery at Art Omi as part of the Art Omi: Architecture OnSite series which focuses on the work of females architects. Tiscornia was originally educated as an architect and this will be an opportunity to view her work collage works within the tradition of architectural modeling.

This project has been supported by a grant from the Artist's Resource Trust.