May 29, 2021




Sculpture & Architecture Park

TunnelTeller is an immersive outdoor sculpture by Alicja Kwade. The work is designed to challenge the viewer’s notions of space and perception. TunnelTeller is fabricated from smooth concrete and punctuated with stainless steel apertures that frame and distort the view of the surrounding landscape and sky. Large stone quartzite spheres are strewn around the maze-like work, resembling discarded marbles, creating a playful yet contemplative work.

Based in Berlin, Alicja Kwade (b.1979, Poland) has long been engaged with value systems, philosophical questions about the essence of reality, and with attempting to examine, if not resolve, issues of inherently subjective concepts such as space and time. In her sculptures, installations, photographs, and films, Kwade probes the structural properties of everyday objects and the veracity of matter. Through this work, she aims to reveal possibilities for alternate realities while examining social agreements and supposed truths.