May 23, 2020




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Agustina Woodgate, The Source I, The Source II, The Source III, The Source IV, 2019.
Miami Oolite, Keystone, concrete, iron, plumbing grid, water.

Water is a fundamental building block of the human body and the earth. Its availability as a resource is increasingly compromised by contamination, blocked access, failed responses to natural disasters, and other catastrophes.

The Source is a functional, above-ground drinking fountain set within coral rock. An exposed system of pipes connect, like a puzzle, four sections, each containing multiple fountains. Each faucet is attached to one pipe that draws in clean water and another that releases excess water to the local sewer system. Like many of Woodgate’s works, The Source exposes an underlying political and social structure, repositioning existing elements to put alternate arrangements into motion. Please drink this water freely while reflecting on this precious natural resource.

Courtesy of the artist and Barro Arte Contemporaneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Source was discussed in depth during Curatorial Conversations: Agustina Woodgate, Atelier van Lieshout, Sarah Braman on June 12, 2020. Watch the video archive here: