Jan 14, 2017




Newmark Gallery

The exhibition invites an architectural response to a series of significant issues we face today, from a growing income gap, immigration, and globalization, to technology's impact on our lives, surveillance, and power. The exhibit invited 25 young design firms to tackle one of five prompts each; some fictional, some real, and all deeply engaged with the economic and cultural forces that wander into the voting booth with each citizen's decision to pull the lever.

Each team produced only a single model and short text based on one of the prompts. The selected topics intend to provoke, but are grounded in issues we face today. Architecture has a seat at each discussion.

The exhibition is curated by Julia van den Hout, founder of Original Copy and editor of CLOG; Kyle May, Principal of Kyle May, Architect and Editor-in-Chief of CLOG; and Kevin Erickson, Principal of KNE studio and Associate Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois.