Jun 01, 2002




Sculpture & Architecture Park

Co-curated by Jeffery Lependorf with Peter Franck and Kathleen Triem

Participating artists: Bill and Mary Buchen, Jeffery Lependorf, Matthew McCaslin, Joshua Selman Jeffery Talman, Paulo Vivaqua

Sound in the Landscape investigated the way in which sound can make boundaries in space, and in so doing, become sculptural. Sound cannot ever become an object; it is entirely fluid and spatially indeterminate. But certainly sound can create a very strong sense of presence, place or reference, since it is, in some respects, the aural equivalent of an image or representation. Sound is eminently capable of moving us to experience an array of emotions, specific locations, events, moods and abstractions in an analogous fashion to the plastic arts, yet unlike sculpture, we never see a sound.