Herban Cura: ​​Connecting to the Mycelial Web

Join Herban Cura at Art Omi for a mushroom immersion workshop, led by Olga Tzogas of Smugtown Mushrooms. Mushrooms and their underground network of cells called mycelium are often missing from our studies, culture and horticulture practices. During this full day immersion at Art Omi we will take a look at the role mushrooms play within

Kianja Strobert: When is brunch? Closing Reception

Closing reception for When is brunch?, an exhibition by Kianja Strobert. To attend, click here to register during the 3 – 5 pm time slot on Saturday, May 15, under visitor registration. when is brunch is an exhibition of sculptures, paintings and objects in-between by Kianja Strobert, on view in the Newmark Gallery from March 20 – May 16,

Trick or Treat in the Park

We welcome all goblins, ghosts, and ghouls to our annual Trick or Treat in the Park event! All ages are invited to come in costume and enjoy an afternoon of Halloween fun – situated among the eye-catching sculptural and architectural works here at Art Omi. This is event is free and open to the public!