Sep 24

2 - 5 PM




Art Omi

Join us for a special closing party for our current exhibition Portia Munson: Flood. Featuring merchandise from Thank God for Abortion; outlandish edible creations by Bad Taste; beverages for sale by Frankie’s including beer, wine, cocktails, coffee, and kombucha. Music will be provided by DJ Scotia.

We will have fabric spray paints, markers, and stencils available. Bring any garments that are in need of a refresh, and we will have shirts and tote bags from Thank God For Abortion as well as a limited edition silk scarf by Portia Munson for sale. Proceeds benefit the Abortion Within Reach Coalition. Read more about how donated funds are distributed here.

Meet for a last viewing of the show, and for an afternoon filled with food, drink, and activities to support reproductive rights!

Accessibility Information:

This event will take place at the Benenson Center, which is fully accessible for wheelchair users, and has no steps. There is a stone path from the gravel parking lot to the building, and ADA-compliant restrooms available in the building, open to any gender expression. Spray painting will take place in a grassy field beside a paved patio at the Benenson Center.

The Sculpture & Architecture Park is accessible on foot throughout all weather, all year long. The Park features varied terrain, including grassy fields, forested paths, hills, and footbridges. There are no paved walking paths, and occasionally the trails become muddy and sometimes even impassable. Ticks, poison ivy, mud, and other natural hazards may be present. Be prepared with appropriate attire to best enjoy your experience.

For access needs or if you have questions about accessibility, please email tours@artomi.org.


Bad Taste is Jen Monroe’s project committed to exploring new ways of thinking about food and consumption, approaching food as fantasy and as a transportive medium. Past work has included a dinner dedicated to drawing attention to the honey bee health crisis, food installations for fashion week presentations, experimental cotton candy, concept pop-up dinners, a rendering of a futuristic menu in response to climate change, and a series of immersive, monochromatic ten course "color meals."

Frankie’s is a mobile bar by Lex serving beverages–coffee, kombucha, beer, and wine–alongside New York’s best baklava–that aims to foster community. They named their business after their dad. Lex comes from a long line of Franks (of Farouks–they’re Lebanese). The OG Frankie owned many a bar, loved sports, and with that mustache, you could tell he never quite left the 70s. He had a ferocious appetite for food, fun, and certainly knew how to throw a hell of a party. This Frankie’s is a little shinier, a little sleeker (sorry not sorry 1970s), and definitely way more queer.

Thank God for Abortion is committed to eliminating the criminalizing stigma around abortion one t-shirt, one installation, one party, one rally, one conversation, one soul at a time. We are broadening the spectrum of this conversation by inhabiting a joyful and authentic place in regards to our own experience with abortion, we hope to inspire others to do the same. We know access to reproductive services are a basic and normal human right. Thank God for Abortion is a design and strategy conceived in 2015 by artist Viva Ruiz, born as a response to the catastrophic closing of abortion clinics throughout the US.

Scotia is a DJ from Albany, NY, where she runs the monthly party series PLAY-MATES. She’s been tearing up the dance music scene in the Hudson Valley with her unique blend of house, techno, and EBM, all precisely mixed and sure to keep heads turning and bodies moving.

Abortion Within Reach Coalition is an organization dedicated to helping people access the abortions they need. Donations are distributed to the following organizations:

  • 45% to Abortion Care Network's Keep Our Clinics Fund, helping Independent Abortion Providers that perform 3/5 abortions in the US to keep their doors open.
  • 45% to the National Network of Abortion Funds’ Crisis Relief Fund, fortifying abortion funds working within their communities to ensure all people have the financial and practical support they need to access abortion.
  • 5% to NOISE FOR NOW, a national initiative that enables artists and entertainers to connect with and financially support grassroots organizations that work in the field of Reproductive Justice, including abortion access.
  • 5% to Seeding Sovereignty, an Indigenous-led collective, works to radicalize and disrupt colonized spaces through land, body, and food sovereignty work, community building, and cultural preservation.