Jul 16

1 PM


Presentation/Review, Residency Event


Art Omi

Explore the studios of the artists-in-residence, along with special pop-up performances and installations. An intimate glimpse into the work of international artists in residence at Art Omi. Featuring artists from a range of disciplines and techniques—from painters to sound artists to social practice, you're invited to take a trip around the art world without leaving the Studio Barns! Event is free; please pre-register here.

Art Omi: Artists 2022 Residents are:

  • Karíma Al-Mukhtarová
  • Marija Ančić
  • Regine Basha, Critic in Residence
  • Julia Carrillo
  • Cristian Chironi
  • Sandra Dinnendahl López
  • Irene Dionisio
  • Mark Fleuridor
  • Sylvie Fortin, Critic Emerita
  • Ania Freer
  • María Ibarretxe
  • Janie Julien-Fort
  • Yujin Lee
  • Kathy Liao
  • Hagar Masoud
  • Laith McGregor
  • Engy Mohsen
  • Leticia Obeid
  • Yapci Ramos
  • Sa'dia Rehman
  • Nooshin Rostami
  • Jimena Schlaepfer
  • Alisa Sikelianos-Carter
  • Sagarika Sundaram
  • Thierry Tomety

Find out more our cohort here.