May 07

11 AM




Art Omi

On this tour Glenda Berman will share her expansive knowledge of native and invasive plants interspersed with folklore stories about spring ephemerals. While walking through swamps and woodlands on Art Omi’s grounds, Berman will identify native spring ephemerals—including trillium, bloodroot, hepatica, trout lily, skunk cabbage, jack-in-the-pulpit and ramps—along with invasive plants which threaten spring ephemerals, such as invasive honeysuckle and garlic mustard. Berman will discuss how to properly identify and remove these invasive plants in order to protect native species.

Glenda Berman is a Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener and holds a BA in Environmental Science from SUNY Purchase. Berman has worked for over 30 years promoting ecological awareness and nature appreciation in community groups and schools. Berman has been involved with numerous invasive species removal projects in Columbia County. Notably, her seven year project to eliminate invasive knotweed from the Sculpture and Architecture park at Art Omi. Glenda has also worked with Columbia Land Conservancy, Cornell Cooperative Extension and is a Landscape and Historic House Guide at Olana. Keep up with Glenda on Facebook.

Members can register by emailing Art Omi at tours@artomi.org or by calling (518) 392-4747.

For questions about registering, please contact Art Omi at tours@artomi.org or by calling (518) 392-4747.