Aug 12

5 - 7 PM




Art Omi

Join a most spectacular and vile occasion when CHRISTEENE visits Pippa Garner: $ELL YOUR $ELF, on August 12, the year of our lord 2023.

CHRISTEENE is a raw spirit of ferocious music, unabashed sexuality, and fiery intimate stank. Reports from live shows describe powerful musical experiences, distressed choreography, macabre scenes involving butt plugs tied to bouquets of balloons being released from the singer’s ass, wardrobes styled from the forgotten scraps of society, and intimate, heated sermons on the state of the world as we know it.

CHRISTEENE has gathered tremendous critical acclaim for her high-octane, radical creative vision that continues to destroy all notions of normality. Spin Magazine has called CHRISTEENE “a manic combination of Alice Cooper and Hedwig (of the Angry Inch)”, and NOW Magazine titled her “Beyonce on bath salts.” CHRISTEENE “...injects both hip-hop and gay culture with a much needed dose of punk-rock humor and attitude,” said The New Yorker, and The Guardian went on to say... "Think Tina Turner or Diamanda Galás at full stretch, at the pitch of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor." Iconoclastic designer Rick Owens (one of her longtime collaborators and friends) states, “CHRISTEENE to me represents the joy of abandon – abandoning hypocrisy and indulging your id and your primal instincts that are very innocent and very charming. There is a childlike innocence in her provocation, something very cheerful and happy to what she does. CHRISTEENE is theatre, a composition of commedia dell’arte, kabuki, Busby Berkeley Hollywood musicals, grand guignol...She counters false prudishness, false rules.”

CHRISTEENE Visits Pippa Garner: $ELL YOUR $ELF
Sat, August 12 | 5-7 PM

Free to attend and open to the public. Advanced registration appreciated.