Oct 09

2 PM




Art Omi

A celebration of recent works by architects in the Sculpture & Architecture Park. Tour includes Magnetic Z, by Cameron Wu, and Sensory Journey, by Wendy Evans Joseph. Both architects will be present to discuss their work. Pre-registration is required.

Participants will set out from the Benenson Center at 2 PM. Cameron Wu will discuss his work at Magnetic Z at 2:15 PM. Wendy Evans Joseph will discuss her work at 3:15 at Sensory JourneyPlease be advised that event attendees will be walking and standing in the Sculpture & Architecture Park from 2 - 4 PM, weather appropriate attire and footwear are recommended.

Cameron Wu’s architectural practice involves the research and deployment of developable surface geometries. Magnetic Z comprises two primary surfaces which exhibit opposing formal properties—curved vs. planar, high resolution vs. low resolution, continuous vs. discrete. These surfaces also define a figural promenade of ramp and stairs, which acts as a spatial hinge in the landscape, providing new vantages of the visitor’s surroundings, a sense of movement and play, and a respite from the elements.

Wendy Evans Joseph is the founder of Studio Joseph. She leads the design for each of the firm’s projects and has completed a diverse array of commercial, institutional, residential, and cultural projects with a strong emphasis on public and community involvement. Referring to local history, Sensory Journey incorporates Shaker beliefs, valuing rural traditions of spirituality, utility, and respect for the land.