Curatorial Conversations: Modernist Metal

Friday, May 15
2 PM



Take a tour of the Art Omi Sculpture & Architecture Park from wherever you are! Art Omi is pleased to present Curatorial Conversations, a series of live, interactive virtual tours led by Curatorial Assistant Kelsey Sloane. Each session will spotlight a handful of works and explore the connections between them. Following a presentation, the virtual tour group will be welcome engage in conversation and ask questions about the works under review.

Curatorial Conversations will happen alternate Fridays at 2:00 pm EST via Zoom. The tours are free, but pre-registration is required. Register here!

Curatorial Conversations: Modernist Metal with Forrest Myers, Beverly Pepper, Robert Grosvenor

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This virtual tour and presentation will feature three renowned sculptors whose works have been beloved by visitors for well over a decade in the Sculpture Park: Forrest Myers, Beverly Pepper, and Robert Grosvenor. In addition to their classic status within the Art Omi landscape, these sculptors masterfully utilize characteristics of modernism, such as the use of industrial metals, hard lines and geometric shapes, to create large-scale disruptions in their natural surroundings.

About the Artists:

Forrest Myers, Valledor, 1969 (2007)
Forrest Myers has been exhibiting his large scale outdoor sculptures and public installations since the 1960s. He uses materials that range from concrete and plastic to aluminum and steel. His work has strong linear qualities, as his forms and structures relate back to nature that often resemble tree branches, nests, and other natural shapes.

Valledor is a large aluminum sculpture which exploits the principles of human vision and illusory happenstance to create a unique experience. The piece can be viewed as a compact cube from one angle, and as the viewer moves the piece begins to morph and separate into linear abstract shapes on the landscape horizon.

Beverly Pepper, Paraclete, 1973 (2002)
Beverly Pepper was an internationally renowned sculptor whose prolific career spans the course of four decades. Her works are mainly large-scale, public-space, outdoor installations and interventive earthworks. Her materials are often integrated into a landscape, which include stainless steel, steel, bronze, cast iron, and other industrial metals that often tend to compliment and contrast with the environment.

Paraclete features a Cor-Ten steel pyramid structure that sits upon a concrete base, set into the grass. This pointed triangular element is repeated in the "entrance", a small opening in which there is room for one viewer to face inward into darkness, or peer outwards towards the landscape. This work is characteristic of large, minimalist steel works of the time; the cold heavy metal provides an anchor on the landscape as the apex directs the viewer towards the sky.

Robert Grosvenor, Untitled, 1968 (2004)
Robert Grosvenor has been producing striking, diverse and powerful abstract sculptures for the past five decades. Surprisingly, these industrial-looking, often large-scale forms have been carefully hand-made by the artist himself.

Untitled is an impressive-scale sculpture that slices through the landscape in both scale and color. This large abstract form creates the sense of vertical movement, beginning slowly and shooting upwards leading the viewer's eye towards the sky. This work is one of his larger scale pieces, and his more typical work involves these materials existing in a gallery setting or sculptures on a smaller scale. His indoor pieces contain multiple elements and are often very conceptual in context. Many of his sculptures are titled simply, Untitled.

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