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Monika Fabijanska

Monika Fabijanska is an NYC-based independent art historian and curator who specializes in women's and feminist art. Her exhibition of Ukrainian artists Women at War (Fridman Gallery, 2022), listed among ten best art exhibitions of 2022 by both The Washington Post and Frieze, is currently touring nationally. Betsy Damon. Passages: Rites and Rituals (La MaMa Galleria, 2021) was among The New York Times’ best shows of 2021. Widely reviewed ecofeminism(s) (Thomas Erben Gallery, 2020), featured the works by Agnes Denes, Betsy Damon, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Mary Mattingly, Ana Mendieta, Cecilia Vicuña, et al. Groundbreaking The Un-Heroic Act: Representations of Rape in Contemporary Women's Art in the U.S. (John Jay College CUNY, 2018) was among Hyperallergic’s best art shows of 2018, featuring works by Lynn Hershman Leeson, Jenny Holzer, Ana Mendieta, Senga Nengudi, Yoko Ono, Kara Walker, et al. 

Fabijanska provided the initiative and curatorial consulting for The Museum of Modern Art acquisition and retrospective exhibition of Alina Szapocznikow (2012), consulted on WACK! Art in the Feminist Revolution with curator Connie Butler (MoCA LA, 2007), and Global Feminisms with curator Maura Reilly (Brooklyn Museum, 2007).

In 2003 she launched and led Poland-US Artist-in-Residence Exchange Program, which served dozens of artists, in collaboration with Location One, NYC; Headlands, Sausalito, CA; Spaces, Cleveland, OH, and CCA Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw. Currently, she is a mentor in The Bronx Museum of the Art’s AIM fellowship program. Her writing has been published in the volume Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: Addressing Gender-Based Violence in the Classroom (Emerald, 2022), ASAP Journal, Women’s Art Journal, as well as The Brooklyn Rail, Degree Critical (SVA), BLOK, and Szum. She is a member of the College Art Association’s Committee on Women in the Arts and AICA-USA. Fabijanska is currently working on a book about Betsy Damon, working on an international museum survey exhibition, and teaches Curatorial Practice at New York University.

Xin Wang

Xin Wang is a curator and art historian based in New York. A PhD candidate in Art History at New York University, writing a dissertation on Soviet Hauntology, she held curatorial and educational positions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art, and received the Warhol Foundation’s Arts Writers Grant in 2021. Publications such as "Asian Futurism and the Non-Other" have been widely translated and taught in university curriculums. She has served on jury panels for The Shed, the Creative Capital Grant, and Anonymous Was a Woman, as well as as a regular visiting critic at Yale University's MFA program in Photography. She’s the curator of the 4th art and technology-themed biennial program—titled "To Your Eternity"—at Beijing’s Today Art Museum in fall 2023. 

Past Critics/Curators-in-Residence

2023 Jonatan Habib Engqvist
2023 Christopher Stackhouse
2022 Regine Basha
2021 Jessica Lynne
2020 Sara Reisman
2019 Janka Vukmir
2018 Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi
2017 Larry Ossei-Mensah
2016 Branko Franceschi
2015 Sylvie Fortin, Critic Emerita 2022
2014 Moukhtar Kocache
2013 Charlotta Kotik, Critic Emerita 2021
2012 Saul Ostrow, Critic Emeritus 2019
2011 Sara Reisman, Critic Emerita 2020
2010 Sandra Skurvida
2009 Frances Richard, Critic Emerita 2017
2008 Martha Schwendener
2008 Micaela Giovannotti
2007 Omar Lopez Chahoud
2006 Kóan Jeff Baysa, Critic Emeritus 2011
2005 Reena Jana
2004 Olu Oguibe
2003 Euridice Arratia
2002 Yu Yeon Kim
2001 Christian Viveros-Fauné
2000 Denise Carvalho, Critic Emerita 2012
1999 Dominique Nahas, Critic Emeritus 2013
1998 Franklin Sirmans
1997 Lilly Wei, Critic Emerita 2014
1996 Gregory Volk, Critic Emeritus 2015
1995 Carlos Basualdo
1994 Dan Cameron
1993 Raphael Rubinstein, Critic Emeritus 2018
1992 Robert C. Morgan, Critic Emeritus 2016