Local Impact

Annual Budget

  • $2 Million
  • Art Omi seeks local vendors for labor and products whenever possible, injecting more than $500,000 into the local economy.

Local Jobs

  • 70+ employees worked year-round (7 full time & more than 70 part-time and seasonal staff)
  • in addition to staff, Art Omi regularly employs a variety of local caterers, housekeepers, landscapers, and other contractors for maintenance of its facilities and grounds

Capital Projects

  • Art Omi spent $2.46 million employing local contractors and sourcing materials locally / regionally for four major building projects in recent years.
  • $4.5 million projected for new gallery, cafe and education center
  • $830,000 on a new residency dormitory
    -$1.2 million on the construction The Charles B. Benenson Visitor Center and Gallery, which opened in 2008.
  • $350,000 on three Education Pavilions
  • $80,000 on a permanent artist installation by Alice Aycock

Free Local Events

  • In 2019, Art Omi hosted more than 20 free public events.
  • More than 35,000 people visited Art Omi
  • More than 3,000 people attended Art Omi's public programming
  • Art Omi regularly collaborates with other local arts organizations, artists, educators, and school districts.

Education Opportunities For Local Students

  • Art Omi: Education offers weekly art workshops, school vacation and summer art camps for local children, teen programs, student exhibitions and school and Coarc groups.
  • 675 attended art workshops
  • 380 attended summer camp
  • 1,500 attended student exhibitions and family events
  • 230 school children attended school sponsored workshops
  • 12 teen volunteers doing community service

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