Caroline O'Donnell + Martin Miller, Evitim

October 6, 2018
Architecture Field 01

Evitim is a 24’ tower in the Architecture Fields at Art Omi, in Ghent, New York. During the production of Primitive Hut for an adjacent site in Architecture Field 01, OMG used 32 sheets of plywood to produce the structural components in an otherwise decomposing pavilion. The leftovers from the CNC-cut file are 8’ x 4’ plywood sheets with multiple cut-outs, which render the panel flexible. Using the leftover sheets’ inherent desire to be twisted, the tower’s skin peels outward from top to bottom, creating four openings that relate to Primitive Hut’s openings. This twist is supported by a double-curved beam produced by laminating plywood sheets. Evitim (2018) is an abbreviation of Tuh Evitimirp, the inverse of Primitive Hut (2017).

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